PWS™ BEV-100 Series Water Purification System




The stylish design of the PWS® BEV-100 system was created to fit elegantly in any kitchen environment.

The clean lines and graceful contours of the bright white cabinet make it the most attractive countertop reverse osmosis (+ deionization) water filter available.

The BEV-100 Series systems outperform every other water purifier on the market. We invite you to test us against any other purifier (even distillers) to discover the difference yourself.

countertop reverse osmosis portable drinking water filters purifiers Easy and Convenient

Now you can have an unlimited supply of pure, fresh, great tasting drinking water for cooking, coffee, tea, baby formula, crystal clear ice, and for your family pets. PWS® BEV-Series appliances offer you and your family the ultimate in water purity and biocompatibility.

To see just how easy installation and maintenance is for the BEV-100 system, watch the installation and maintenance video.

countertop drinking water filters purifiers 100% Pure, BEV Quality Drinking Water

All PWS® BEV systems include a patented reverse osmosis and deionization process. This process completely removes dissolved salts, nitrates, heavy metals, chemical pollutants, pesticides, and disease causing waterborne bacteria and virus. (EPA EST. NO. 52531-FL-01)

“I just want to say how much I love, love, love, my new BEV100 system and to express thanks to Bob V. for answering all my questions. He’s been a huge help and is very knowledgeable about water. I’ve had my unit for about two weeks and I wouldn’t want to be without it because our city tap water tastes so strongly of chemicals.

One becomes very spoiled owning one of these systems! I’m glad I purchased mine when I did… our city just announced trihalomethane* levels in our water exceed the safe standards. I’m very confident my health will benefit owning this system. I sincerely feel this is one of the best investments for my health I’ve ever made.”

— Tanya Trogstad, Williston, ND

*Trihalomethanes (THM’s) are toxic chemicals that result when chlorine reacts with organic molecules in water. Studies have suggested THM’s lead to increased risk of bladder and other cancers, as well as damage to heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and the nervous system. Other studies have linked THM’s to reproductive problems, problem pregnancies, and miscarriage.

countertop reverse osmosis drinking water filters purifiers Portable

Designed for apartment dwellers, renters, and motor-homes the new PWS® BEV-100 Series is a portable unit with a clean, contemporary design that quickly connects to any faucet. The tall thin design provides for a small footprint; efficiently using counter space.

ultimate countertop water filters water purifiers Large 2.2 Gallon Reservoir

A typical family of four uses just over 2 gallons per day for drinking, cooking, juices, etc.

home water treatment systems Custom Rolled Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

Off-the-shelf RO membranes used in the majority of reverse osmosis systems simply do not provide the consistency necessary to ensure BEV quality water. Outside of laboratory conditions other membranes seldom meet their stated specifications. Our exceptional reverse osmosis membrane provides for consistently high rejection rates, even in real world conditions.

reverse osmosis drinking water filters purifiers Proprietary Deionization Module

Typical RO systems remove only 60-80% of fluoride, nitrates, and radioactive contaminants. By including our unique deionization module the PWS® BEV systems remove greater than 99% of these (and any other) toxic contaminants.

reverse osmosis drinking water purification filtration systems Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

The best warranty in the industry! We are so confident in the quality of materials and components in these systems we provide a limited lifetime warranty (exclusive of module changes and abuse).

Our systems are designed to last decades, not months or years. Should any part ever fail, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

bottled water, delivered water Affordable (Save $$ vs. Bottled or Delivered Water)

With a cost of ~12¢ per gallon*, the PWS® BEV-100 systems pay for themselves very quickly when compared to bottled / delivered water which averages ~79¢/gallon. If you use 2 gallons per day, you’ll save over $400 per year! Plus, you’ll have confidence you are providing your family the ultimate in pure drinking water regardless of whatever new exotic chemical is found next in our water supplies.

countertop reverse osmosis DI BEV water filter systems Other Features Include:

  • The PWS® BEV-100 Series appliances ship with the necessary hardware to mount our quick connect coupler to any faucet.
  • Under typical conditions, the PWS® BEV-100 system will produce two gallons of ultra pure BEV quality water in just a few hours. (For extremely low water pressure situations, a virtually silent booster pump is available.)
  • The molecular structure of the GE® plastics used in the bright white cabinet insures your water will maintain its exceptional purity, and was carefully selected to eliminate warping, cracking, leaching, discoloration, and ultraviolet degradation.
  • All components are NSF certified and/or FDA approved materials.


proprietary flush valve heavy duty faucet coupler patented 1-piece cabinet is injection molded and includes built-in pure water reservoir
Proprietary valve allows for periodic flushing to remove concentrated contaminants— increasing efficiency and extending the life of the RO membrane. Heavy duty faucet coupler includes built-in purge/bypass and overflow. Manual adjustment of brine water flow rate (common on other countertop RO systems) is eliminated. Unique 1-piece injection molded cabinet provides a 2.2 gallon pure water reservoir. A dual position spigot and built-in gutter work together to completely drain all product water.
PWS™ BEV-100 Series countertop reverse osmosis deionization drinking water filter / purifier produces Ultra Pure BEV Drinking Water.
PWS™ BEV-100 Series  $769.00